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Welcome to Pic Wealth
where everyone wins!

Daily Subscription
Daily 4$ will be deducted from your account to give you position in Level 1

Advance Payment of Subs
At Pic Wealth, 14 days' payment is taken in advance in respect of each Sub

No Termination of Account
Your Positions will remain safe if your Sub Wallet have no funds to buy position in Level 1

Three Different Wallets
(1) Cash Wallet : Used for Funds Deposit, Purchasing Subs, Earnings and Withdrawals
(2) Subscription Wallet : Used for Payment of Subs
(3)Pif Wallet :All withdrawals (after getting back your seed money) will be subjected to a 40% mandatory repurchase.(Refer to FAQs)

Potential Earning of Each $4 Position
Each $4 Position has potential of earnings of $191.5 in Cash and $103 in Subscription Wallet!

Unique Referral Plan
PICWEALTH has a Unique Referral Plan where the Sponsors earn in three different ways apart from earning as a member viz., Upfront Referral Commission, Matching Cash Bonus on Cycling of Referral and Matching Subscription Wallet Bonus on Cycling of Referral on 2 Levels Down!

  • Payplan is based on a Company Forced Matrix with Daily Subscription
  • There are Five Levels:First 4 Levels are based on 4x1 & 5th One is 2x1
  • Each "Daily" Ad Subscription Costs $4 and earns you a position in Level 1 matrix
  • For each Ad Subscription, $60 is to be paid in advance (at the time of purchasing subscription) to cover for 14 days' subscription (14 days x $4 per Daily Sub = $56) and balance $4 will be distributed as Upfront Referral Commission in 2 Levels (Level 1 : $2.8, Level 2 : $1.2
  • You get 1000 quality banner impressions for each $4 Daily Subscription payment

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